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Join an AFL Dynasty Forum Fantasy League

Post by The Trader on Tue Jan 03, 2017 9:14 pm

Below are the league rules for ALL of the AFL Dynasty Forum run leagues.
They have been designed to maximise coach participation, player movement and most importantly.... FUN

The Bench:


Cost: $0 in 2017 then $5 each year after. The team at The Bench have been kind enough to wave their fees for AFL Dynasty Forum league members in 2017.
Payments are made on The Bench's secure payment system


Teams: 10
Squad size: 40
Keepers: 30
Scoring: DT
On field (scoring) players: 18- 5 Forwards , 7 Midfielders, 1 Ruck and 5 Defenders
Bench: 4- 1 for each position
Waivers: Yes
Free Agents: Yes
Limits to list changes: No limits
Limits to trades: No limits
Rolling lockout: Yes
Bye Rounds: On field numbers reduced to 15- 4 Forwards , 6 Midfielders, 1 Ruck and 4 Defenders
Captains: No

trade players: Yes
Trade draft picks: Yes
Trade future draft picks: Yes
Trade periods: In season- starting after keepers selected, finishing round 23.
                     Off season- there will be a designated week for each league to have a Trade Week.

*Note: There are some limitations to what trades can be done online. Trades involving draft picks or an uneven number of player (trading 2 players for 1) will need to be done off line in the Forum and the league admin will make the changes manually.
A record of draft positions will be kept and updated in the forum league thread.

Year 1: 40 rounds
           Starts soon after league has been filled
           'Slow' style draft.
           A coach will have 1 hour to make a selection
           Draft will run between 8:00am - 10:00pm daily until complete. Due to the large amount of players picked, the draft will run throughout the day giving each coach ample time to make their selection
           Snake style (if you have the first pick of round 1 you will have the last pick in round 2 then back to the first in round 3 and so on.
           The draft order will be picked at random.
          *Note: You MUST have access to the draft throughout the day (incl work days)
The years following: 10 rounds
             2 min selections
             This will most likely be run in the evening at a time that suits all.

If your an ACTIVE coach and would like to join a league, send me a PM.
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